Clinical Supply Associate


Support all stakeholders in making optimal strategic decisions to increase the profitability. After scoping their challenges, model their clinical trials and propose/deliver different solutions they will be using to implement their demand & supply strategies.

Through the optimization process clearly explain the approach, understand stakeholders needs, identify main improvement possibilities, gathering assumptions, calibrate the model using specific mathematical model(s), measure the impact and present results to your stakeholders. Use the latest technologies in advanced simulation & optimization techniques. Using different solutions, model to both manage risks and decrease cost of clinical trials including Cost of Goods. The focus is on the Investigational products (IMP) with an intend to cover the “end to end” R&D supply chain; from API to IMP as soon as possible.


Must have:

  • Supply Chain education or has to be supply chain certified by training (Apics certified, part of their cursus or professional expertise)
  • Very strong analytical mindset
  • Very good communication skills as a lot of stakeholder management

Education: Master in engineering (preference for Supply chain or Business)

Soft skills:
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Be organized & rigorous
  • Networking, collaboration
  • Communication & Presentation skills (English fluency) • Problem-solving capacity
  • Proactivity & Risk management
  • Creativity, innovation

Contact person

M Gharbi